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Experiencing a Wildfire

As everyone is aware, we here in Lake and Mendocino Counties have suffered incredible wildfires in the past five years.  The largest fire in California history just became contained.  We have had hundreds of firemen from as far away as Australia and New Zealand coming to help. Fires are igniting almost daily and the wonderful, amazing fire men and women have been right on top of them.

We are trying to help, in our small way, by providing baby quilts, throws and bedsize quilts for the survivors. We are also trying to supply sewers and quilters who have lost everything with machines and supplies so that they may sew again. If you have anything extra to donate, please let us know how we can receive them, pick them up. My family was under evacuation warning for a week, and I have come to realize how terrifying and helpless one can feel. Please call me at 707 367-1261, or email me at if you have something to offer. This was the view near my house.

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